10 Quick and Creative Ways You Can Save The Earth

When we think of the Earth as it is now, we might envision an ecosystem that is suffering.

The UN is currently working on strategies that will ensure the quality of the planet’s future and, closer to home, supermarkets are encouraging the use of Bags for Life rather than plastic ones and food chains are ditching plastic straws.

At Huski Home, we dedicate our business to the production of Earth-friendly, sustainable items. Just by changing your routine a little every day, you could contribute to a brighter and greener future!

Here are some easy and creative ways you can save the Earth yourself!

kitchen egg timer

1) Have a timer for your water use

We’ve all done it. We’ve left the water on while we’re brushing our teeth. Maybe we even wandered away and let it run for a few more minutes. Why don’t you get yourself a little one-minute egg timer to stand by each sink?

Whether you’re brushing your teeth, washing your face or doing the dishes, you can physically see how much time you have left to let the tap run. Use the water already gathered in the bowl rather than running more. You can save a little water and a little on your bills too!


2) A multifunctional compost bin

Look into composting, if you’re not already, and make the most out of your space. Use some old wood crates or another permeable material and stack them together. In one compartment you can let your compost mature and in another, you can begin to grow your own urban vegetable garden. The maturity of the compost will decide when you add it to the plant soil. By separating your compost by stages, you can determine how fertiliser-ready it is.


 meatless mondays avocado toast

3) Meatless Mondays

According to Earth Day statistics, if you and your family skipped meat and cheese for one day a week “it would be the equivalent of taking your car off the road for five weeks – or reducing everyone’s daily showers by 3 minutes.”

It really does add up over time!


4) Farmer’s Market Fridays

Similar to Meatless Mondays, except this time you’re taking the time out to visit your local farmer’s market. Not only does doing your weekly shop at the farmer’s market help support the local community’s economy, but it helps support local farmers and agriculture professionals and their work. It also helps reduce demand for exotic fruits that need to be flown across the country. And this, in turn, helps support a healthier community.


 harvesting rain water, green leaf with drops

5) Harvest rainwater

Rain doesn’t have to be bad news! On average, about 85,000 litres of rainwater fall on Britain’s roofs every year and that water can be harvested and used to help reduce your water use as well as save you money on your utility bill.

Harvested rainwater can be used in a number of ways: garden watering, pond filling, and pressure cleaning.

Some people even pump harvested rainwater into their homes with the help of a sophisticated filtration system.


happy baby in a blanket

6) Use cloth nappies

Using fabric nappies wherever possible is a great way for the earth-conscious mum to be a little greener. And it’s kinder to a baby’s skin too. The average child uses between five and eight thousand nappies, equating to 3.5 million tonnes of landfill waste!

However, some on-the-go mums do need the convenience of a disposable diaper, so it might be an idea to research some environmentally-friendly brands if you’re not ready to go ‘cloth’.


7) Have a no-buy month

From fast fashion to ordering online and receiving piles of plastic packaging – sometimes consumerism is an environmental nightmare.

To save their money and the environment, many people are going on no-buy months where they take some time to enjoy the things they have.


 happy fathers day eco friendly wrapping paper

8) Wrap Your Gifts Creatively

Maybe don’t show up to Christmas dinner with your gifts in aluminum foil, but you could always opt for using a different kind of paper. Use the newspapers around your house, colour them in, make ribbons out of craft scraps. The recipient of the gift will appreciate all the extra time you’ve taken and you’re helping save the world!


9) Grow your own tree

The earth could always use one more tree in circulation. If you have a garden, growing more trees in it can actually increase the value of your property. Take the time to go out in your garden with your family and see what else you can plant. If you don’t have a garden, look into options for your allotment.


 huski home sustainable eco reusable travel cup

10) Drink from a reusable cup

Oh come on, you didn’t think we really wouldn’t mention it, did you?

According to the Huffington Post, “Only one in 400 disposable coffee cups are recycled in the UK, with an estimated 2.5 billion thrown away each year.” Popular opinion is favouring the reusable option, by carrying around a travel cup of your own.

If you drink from your very own Huski Home cup you’re contributing to the green trend. Our cups are made from sustainable, biodegradable material and they’re commute-friendly as well as earth-friendly.

Huski Home cups are designed to keep their contents at its original temperature, you can drink tea or coffee from them, or keep soup or porridge warm, or pour your ice cold smoothie into them. It’s up to you! 

Interested? Visit our Products page to get your very own Huski cup! 



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