5 Ways to support small businesses on Black Friday

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Shop with a small business

This might seem obvious but to support small business on Black Friday and throughout the holiday season, it’s incredibly helpful to purchase from them.  Small business rely on the holiday season as the big push to get them through the financial year.  Every seemingly small purchase goes a long way, and helps spread the holiday cheer, making every indie biz owner do a little happy dance with every item sold.


Shop local

Shopping local, such as the small business on your high street, not only keeps this traditional business community alive and thriving, but also reduces your carbon footprint, because the item is not being shipped, or traveling a long distance to get to you.


Share your purchases on social media

So, you’ve purchased an item from a small business, (Yay!), you can take that enthusiasm even further by snapping a quick pick, and sharing it to social media.  Remember to tag the business and if they don’t have a social, let your friends know how to shop with them.


Share your favourite small businesses on social media

If you haven’t purchased from your fav indie business but still want to give them a shout out, I can’t stress enough how helpful it can be.  A lot of small businesses rely on word of mouth. Because many small businesses need to charge a bit more than big retailers, the word of mouth helps potential customers know it’s worth the extra quid.


Shop early

So many small businesses are run by a small team, often by one single person.  Shopping with them early, can allow them to know how much stock they will need, and give them the time to best prepare their products, whilst also giving them the opportunity to enjoy the holiday season too.


What are your favourite small businesses? Let us know in the comments below

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