8 fun eco-friendly kids crafts projects

diy seed bomb tutorial

When the kids are at home for long stretches of time, whether it be a half term or the summer break, it can be hard to find fun ways to keep them engaged in activities.  We’ve compiled a list of some great eco-friendly kids crafts to help excite and engage your child in a fun activity, and even better, they’re safe for our planet.


1.) Egg carton crafts

If you’re like us, theres always a spare egg carton laying around.  Why not save if from the recycle or compost bin and upcycle it into a fun kids craft like an egg carton alligator, panda, or other animal.

Find a fun tutorial here

2.) Tin can crafts

If you have clean, spare cans in your home, you can repurpose them into a variety of crafts from bird feeders, decorated figurines, lanterns, or even make a tin can phone!

Find a fun tutorial here

3.) DIY seed bombs

DIY seed bombs are an excellent way to connect your child with nature and have fun playing in the mud.  We also love seed bombs because they help encourage kids to pay attention to a few things, the growing season, the importance of flowers, and can also be a fun lesson in the benefits of bees and other pollinators.

Find a fun tutorial here

4.) Loo roll crafts

Most of us have spare loo rolls, and they make for many fun eco-friendly kids crafts.  Toilet rolls can be used for a variety of crafts like figurines, gift pouches, mini buildings, and more.  We love how something so simple can really get the creative juices flowing.

Find a fun tutorial here

5.) Cereal bird feeder

Feeding the birds is a fav of my little ones.  Why not help your children connect with nature by teaching them how to make a simple bird feeder with some cereal, such as cheerios and a bit of string or wire.

Find a fun tutorial here

6.) Eco confetti

Do you have extra magazines laying around? Maybe some left over paper from Christmas or a recent birthday? No problem! Get in the party spirit and celebrate some time off with the kids by making easy DIY confetti.


rock painting

7.) Rock decorating

Rocks are a great canvas for decorating with crayons, paint, or markers. They’re also a creative way to connect with seemingly ordinary natural objects.  Let your child’s imagination run wild with ideas for decorating their rocks from animals, space themes, bugs, or maybe they would like to write their name. 

8.) Fairy house

Fairy houses can be made with so many house hold objects, from old cardboard boxes, clean milk jugs, or juice cartons. Adorn them with natural materials from the garden, like sticks, leaves, bark, or pinecones, and allow your child to paint or marker them with embellishments.

Find a fun tutorial here


What are your favourite eco-friendly kids crafts to do at home?


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