A magical start to our Christmas celebrations

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Like most families, we love Christmas, and from the start of December we’re in full-festive swing, anticipating the arrival of Santa. This year, you may have seen that we embarked on a fun project to create our own reusable advent calendar. Counting down to the big day is how we build the Christmas magic in the Scott household.

Last month, we were approached by another small business, Lapland Letters, to see if we would review their personalised letters from Santa, and of course we said yes! We provided information for each of our three children, and the result was a delivery of three beautiful, authentic looking, personalised letters from Santa.


Who are Lapland Letters?

Lapland Letters is your direct access to Santa’s workshop! They offer high quality, beautifully designed, personalised letters signed by the big man himself. Each one arrives in a bright red envelope bearing a Lapland post mark, and can be delivered to children and families anywhere in the world. If you live in the UK, delivery is free on all orders!


What makes their letters different?

Each letter is personalised to include a child’s name, age, address and the town where Santa is to visit them on Christmas Eve. It mentions a best friend’s name, and the gift the child would like on Christmas morning. It can be signed by either Santa or Father Christmas, and is finished off with a magical P.S note that you can write yourself - ideal for highlighting a special achievement, milestone, or memory.

They have 10 fantastic letters to choose from, each one with Santa’s Secret Map printed on the reverse. We chose a different letter for each of our children, as we felt it made the letters even more believable. For example, Zara received a letter that specifically talked about it being her first year at school, which she absolutely loved!


Even more magic

Our letter included Santa’s bumper activity pack, which has loads of lovely festive themed games and activities for the kids to do, which are printed on really good quality, think paper that won’t break if they use a felt tip pen. Jude loved colouring in the door hanger, and Leo particularly enjoyed challenging me and his Dad to a game of Christmas tic-tac-toe! At the moment, if you order the activity pack with your letter, you’ll also get a free personalised Good List certificate, as well as a free countdown chart and Santa treat sheet!

There are also many magical extras available, from personalised Santa keys to reindeer food, each one designed to deliver even more excitement.


What we thought

As parents, we absolutely loved watching the look on our children’s faces when they found the three red envelopes sitting on our doormat! The look of excitement and wonder as they read details about themselves in their individual letters was priceless, and this is definitely something we organise again next year.

As for the kids, in their own words, the letters from Santa were….


Where can you find Lapland Letters?

You can find the team from the Lapland Workshop on Facebook and Instagram, where they’ve just started sharing some lovely elf activities for the kids to do at home, or you can buy their personalised Santa letters at laplandletters.co.uk.


zara writing 

DISCLAIMER: Our children were sent free personalised letters from Santa, from the team at Lapland Letters, in return for an honest review of their product.


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