Caring for your sustainable coconut wood homewares

coconut bowl and coconut wood utensils

One of the first habits you can adopt to become more sustainable is making sure the items you have in your home live the longest life possible.  Some of which might need a bit of extra care, especially the natural ones.

Our coconut bowls are made of coconut shells that have had the fruit removed.  Rather than send these beautiful coconut shells to landfills, they're given a new purpose. 

Similarly, our coconut wood utensils are handmade from coconut trees that no longer bear fruit.  The trunks would be sent to the landfill, creating a large amount of unnecessary waste.  By utilising this natural resources we're able to create a renewable product from coconut wood that otherwise would have been wasted.

Like most natural wood products, they need to be regularly oiled. Oiling the wood rehydrates it prolong its life.  Oiling your coconut products is simple and only takes a few minutes.

We like to use coconut oil, but other oils work well like olive or sunflower.

Using a rag add a small amount of oil to it and rub thoroughly into the wood.  Once you're done you can continue using and washing your bowls and utensils as normal.  It's that simple, but this little helpful tip will allow your coconut wood products to last a lifetime. 

oil your coconut wood bowls


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