Eco-conscious Christmas Gift Guide 2020

holiday christmas gifts

The holiday season can be a wonderful opportunity to show loved ones how much you care.  Especially because it’s the season for giving.  And with this sentiment it can be a great way to introduce someone to sustainable, eco-friendly gifts, that are often handmade with ethically sourced materials. 

To help you get started, we’ve created a quick gift guide including some of our favourite brands to help you spread the holiday cheer.

Organic Cotton Clothing

A popular gift for this time of year is clothing, especially socks and pyjamas.  Switching to organic cotton is a great way to give these gifts sustainably.  Organic cotton is not grown with chemicals, which can be harmful for the environment and your body.  It’s also needs less water to be produced.  Organic cotton has a  luxuriously soft feel and often last longer, meaning you can enjoy it for years to come if cared for properly.


When we think of jewellery, we don’t always associate it with climate change or waste but in fact the jewellery industry is responsible for unnecessary mining and labour cruelty. Luckily many makers and brands are creating jewellery responsibly with recycled and ethically sourced materials.   



Plastic Free Makeup

Makeup is a popular Christmas gift and makes a great stocking stuffer.  This year, keep an eye out for brands that are made with natural materials, cruelty free, vegan, and plastic free like the ones we’ve listed below.  Eco-friendly makeup is a great way to avoid chemically created makeup that is often harsh to your skin.  Many of these companies are also great for those who have sensitive or acne prone skin.


Eco-friendly bar soap and body products

Another brilliant eco-conscious gift is soap and body products.  Switching to bar soap can help reduce millions of unnecessary plastic body wash bottles from going to landfill every year. Bar soap and other eco-friendly body products like lotions, scrubs, and masks can offer vegan, plastic free, and ethically sourced options.  Some sustainable companies like UpCircle Beauty find ways to not only offer their products plastic free, but repurposes natural waste into their natural items, something that we’re very passionate about as well!


upcircle beauty


Eco - wood toys

Let’s talk toys! One of the best moments of Christmas morning is watching children open their presents and what a great opportunity to create lasting memories, sustainably.  Wood has been used to create toys for thousands of years and is a fabulous alternative to plastic.  Wooden toys are great for sensory learning and often wear much longer than plastic toys, making them something to be enjoyed for generations.

wood toys 

Eco-travel cups and lunch boxes

A wonderful and easy way to become more sustainable to reduce your single-use plastic consumption, especially when it comes to take-away items. By bringing your own coffee or bringing a reusable cup to your favourite cafe you can eliminate millions of single-use coffee cups from going to landfill or littering our environment.  Similarly, by bringing your own lunch, you can reduce and encourage others to reduce their single-use plastic consumption which is a key component to the rubbish problem the world is facing today.


We hope you find our eco-conscious Christmas gift guide helpful! Happy Christmas for the Huski Home team x

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