Eco-friendly mothers day gift ideas that mum will love

moether day

Mothers day is only a few days away and we’re here to help with some last minute eco-friendly gift ideas!  Whether your mum is into sustainability or not, our list of favs are a great way to show mum you care and also help save the planet. 

Eco-friendly cards

There are a few options when it comes to eco-friendly cards for mothers day.  You can always make one yourself, which your mum will love no matter what your age is!  If you’re in a time crunch and can’t make one yourself, why not try a plantable seed card.  Not only are you giving your mum a lovely card but she can also plant it to grow a flower or herb garden!

seed card

Organic gift hampers

Switching to organics can help save chemicals from leaching into our waterways and also help pollinators.  This mothers day, why not treat mum to a lush organic gift set, and even better if it includes a bottle of wine!

organic gift set hamper

Terrazzo homeware

Terrazzo is a beautiful, eco-friendly material made of various natural materials like marble, granite, and quartz.  It’s a compostable material and a great sustainable solution for homewares like vases, decorative dishes, and candle holders. 

terrazzo gift set

Eco-friendly flower delivery

If you can’t be with mum in person this year, why not send her a sustainable box of beautiful flowers.  With brands like LÖV making it easy for us to do so, what’s not to get excited about.  They’re committed to reducing their carbon footprint by keeping as many materials local as possible while delivering in eco-friendly materials. 

eco friendly flower delivery uk

Organic chocolate subscription box

Treat mum to a gift that keeps on giving, with an organic eco-friendly chocolate bar subscription box.  Seed and Bean are a lovely UK brand that are committed to bringing you quality, ethically sourced, organic chocolate that you can feel great about enjoying.

organic chocolate gift set


We hope you have a lovely Mothering Sunday, what ever you plans are.  Any while your'e here, leave a comment below with your favourite mother's day gift ideas! And a happy mother's day to all over you loving caregivers.

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