How Recycled Rice Husk Can Help the Planet

We think it’s fair to say that we’re all worried about the planet. We’re all thinking of ways we can help protect the environment and keep climate change under control for future generations. Rice husk, though often disposed of through burning, could be the answer to this.

This is known as the rice husk method, the same material that makes up our coffee cups. There’s a good reason for this too! Here’s how rice husk can help save the planet.

harvesting rice husks

Rice husk is an incredibly strong material

Rice husk is a naturally strong material, built of a naturally occurring silica that can help strengthen building structures. This means it can be used in things like cinder blocks, brickwork, and other building materials and it won’t collapse in on itself.


Untreated rice husk needs to be burned in order to disappear and that is terribly bad for the environment. Recycled rice husk, however, is biodegradable, meaning if you put it in the group, it will eventually dissolve.

Resists moisture penetration

One of the qualities that makes it so good as a coffee cup, leakages are all but eradicated when it comes to using rice husk as your primary material.

Good Insulation

Another quality that makes it a good coffee cup, due to rice husks’ thickness it becomes a great insulator, meaning it’s good for trapping in heat. It’s not just for coffee, either. Use this in building materials and you can guarantee your building will be a tad bit on the warmer side.

Completely Renewable  

The best thing about recycled rice husk is that it’s completely renewable. It can be reused again and again, and it won’t wear down. It’s incredibly resilient and can be used for a multitude of things. Better than this is that it’s cheaper than wood chips and completely termite resistant.

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