Sustainable Easter Swaps That Can Be Used Every Year

sustainable easter eggs

Easter is a great time to celebrate the change in season and the awakening of some of our favourite plants and wildlife.  From baby ducklings to daffodils popping up, watching the dreary winter months melt away, is a joy in and of itself. 

For many of us, Easter is also a time celebrated with our family and children, enjoying all of the traditional festivities we’ve grown to love, from dying easter eggs to hunting for easter eggs, and everything in between.  

What’s not to love, is the single-use plastic options that have become synonymous with the Easter holiday.  For example, tons of easter grass, eggs, and baskets are made from plastic and used only once before being discarded.  But luckily, there are so many beautiful, sustainable, and affordable options that can be used year after year.  Check out our list of our favourite eco-friendly Easter swaps and tell us which you’d love to try in the comments below.

Wooden Easter Eggs

Wooden Easter eggs are an incredibly versatile and fun way to celebrate the holiday.  They make a wonderful project for your entire family and take a fun step away from the ‘norm’ of dying easter eggs.  Decorate your eggs with paints, markers, fabrics, and more, for a unique egg that you’ll love to hide and seek every year.

Easter Egg Fillers

So you’ve gone with wooden eggs, and have them all decorated and ready for filling, but what to fill them with?  Why not try vegan and/or plastic-free sweets, that help to reduce single-use plastics and also fight climate change with plant-based ingredients.  You can also fill them with handwritten messages or jokes, handmade toys from up-cycled materials, or plastic-free toys like crochet dollies or figures.

Plastic Free Easter Baskets

For those of you who don’t use the same basket every year, or if you have a plastic one, opting for a basket that is made from natural grasses is an eco-friendly and sentimental way to enjoy Easter.  If grass baskets aren’t your ‘cup of tea’, perhaps a metal, fabric or felted basket would work better for you and your family.  Your children will love seeing their personal and unique basket every year, building fond memories and also something that can be handed down to the next generation.

Natural Easter Basket ‘Grass’

Filling your Easter basket with all of its goodies often requires grass to make it feel lush.  Luckily, there are several great options rather than the plastic kind which often is littered and turned into micro-plastics. For natural Easter grasses that can be reused, recycled, or composted try paper easter grass, also known as hamper filling.  You can also make your own by cutting unwanted paper into thin strips, an eco-friendly way to up-cycle unwanted newspapers, magazines, or packaging.

What are some of your favourite sustainable Easter traditions that you enjoy every year? We’d love to know in the comments below.

 grass easter basket with eggs

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