What Happens To Rice Husks If They’re Not Recycled?

Rice has been a staple in so many cuisines around the world for centuries. We can all name at least a handful of dishes that we’re familiar with that utilise rice in their recipe.

What you may not know is that rice husks, a by-product of the rice harvest, are proving an issue for the world of agriculture and are usually being disposed of in less than environmentally friendly ways.

From burning to burying, many countries are drowning in rice husks they don’t know what to do with. But why is this becoming such a serious problem?

rice field

How the Disposal of Rice Husks Is Harmful to the Environment

The sheer volume of rice husks being disposed of on a daily basis often causes a problem for farmers and agriculturists around the world.

Burying the husks left no room for the rest of their crops to grow and burning the husk presented an even bigger ecological problem. The burning of the husks also causes larger problems for nearby wildlife, the fires are quick to catch and destroy the surrounding nature and can prove dangerous to any of the populace that live in the area.

There have been various studies done on the harmful effects the disposal of rice husks has on the environment. Earth-lovers like us here at Huski Home, want to help that problem disappear.
That’s why we create our good-looking cups with them.

Why Rice Husks Are Great For Cups

Rice husks contain large amounts of natural silica, which is an important material in manufacturing. Rice husks are also highly reactive, which means that they can make strong substances. Let’s put it like this- you need a good reactive material to make concrete- but rice husks have that reactive without you needing to add anything.

Rice husks are a natural binder, they can be manipulated to the quality that you want. It’s almost like rice husks were meant to be used for something more!
 Our lovely cups bring joy to the people who use them. Not just because they look great, but because they make you feel great. Not only are you saving the Earth from your morning coffee chuck-away, but you’re contributing to a larger cause. If these cups were not used to make our products, they’d be chipping away at our ecosystem. And we want our pretty, green environment to stay pretty and green.

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