What is Melamine and How is it used

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What is melamine

Melamine is a compound of chemicals that when mixed create a hard resin.  Melamine has a large range of uses such as floor tiles, glues, and tableware.

Why is melamine used

Melamine is an extremely durable material and because of this has become quite popular in the manufacturing of plates, glasses and other items used to serve and store food.

Can melamine be harmful?

Various health organisations such as the FDA have approved melamine for use within tableware as long as these items are not heated higher than 160 degrees Fahrenheit.  Heating melamine higher than that can cause the item to decompose, potentially leaching chemicals into your food or body. It’s important to note that melamine is often mixed with chemicals such as formaldehyde to help ‘improve’ its functionality.  

Bamboo and melamine

Melamine is often used in bamboo products. While bamboo is widely considered to be the best solution to a sustainable future, it’s often heavily treated with chemicals and uses melamine as a binder to transform it into new materials such as fabrics and plastic-like items. Furthermore, while bamboo is a wonderful sustainable item, with its growing popularity, means transforming natural landscapes into farmland to meet the demand for this crop.

Do we use melamine?

Huski Home has decided not to use melamine in any of our products.  We feel that the potential risks outweigh any of the benefits. We strive to create products from eco-waste such as rice husks, which if not disposed of properly, can be a potential biohazard. By recycling waste, we create truly sustainable products that can be used and cherished for a lifetime.


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