Why are refill stores amazing places to shop

zero waste refill shop display

Refill shops, also known as zero waste shops, have been growing in popularity within the last few years.  We’re so glad to see them become part of our high streets and communities. 

If you haven’t heard of refill shops, they’re small grocery stores that allow you to fill your own containers with dry goods like beans, rice, dried herbs, pasta, and more. You can also often refill household cleaning supplies like dish soap, and beauty products such as shampoos and lotions.  They’re also great places to stock up on eco-friendly homewares, and clothing, amongst other things.  There are a great many benefits to shopping at refill shops and we thought it would be wonderful to highlight some of our favourites.
Good Karma Deli & Takeaway
Good Karma Deli & Takeaway @goodkarmadeli

Packaging free / helping the environment

Refill shops allow you to repurpose your own containers, which means the shops are often completely packaging free.  If they do offer packaging, they’ll typically be eco-friendly options, such as kraft paper bags.  Reducing and eliminating this packaging waste takes thousands of tons of single-use rubbish out of landfills.

Competitive pricing 

It may be surprising to some that you can get competitive pricing or quality items at refill shops.  Because they are buying in bulk, they get a better price, which means, so do you.  

Better quality and organic products

Refill shops are also known for their variety of high quality and often organic products that are also helping to fight climate change by omitting the use of chemicals in their production. 

Sugar & Scoop Ware
Sugar & Scoop Ware @sugarandscoop

Save money

Because you can purchase as little or as much as you want when refilling your own container, you can save money by purchasing the amount that you need, which is often less than you’d think.  Also, many of these shops offer discounts or rewards for an added money saving bonus.

Support small, local businesses

Many refill shops are operated independently as small businesses, supporting them helps boost your local economy.  Also, keeping local helps to reduce your traveling footprint of some of your items, for example, many refill shops support local farms.

We hope that you enjoyed reading about our favourite reasons to shop at a refill shop near you. What is your favourite part about shopping at them?  Do you have a refill shop in your area? Leave a comment below to share the small business with our community.

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