Easy Natural Easter Egg Dyes

With Easter on the way, you might be on the verge of organising an Easter egg decorating session for you and your family. With messy hands and sparkly ribbons, it’s going to be a lot of fun and a lot of clean up afterwards.  

Many egg decorating sets that come with artificial dyes can contain chemicals that contaminate paper towels, newspapers and fabrics that could have otherwise been recycled.  

Here are some ways you can create natural dyes of your favourite decorating colours without using any potentially damaging chemicals on your materials or your little one’s hands. 

blueberries in a bowl

For a nice lilac-blue dye, bring a cup of blueberries to boil in half a saucepan of water. Use the water to dip your eggs in. Duck egg blue achieved! Just like our lovely​ Duck Egg Blue Huski Home cup​. 

Orange & Yellow
spices in a spoon

For an orange dye, use at least three tablespoons of paprika in a saucepan, bring to the boil and then allow the water to cool. You can now dip in your eggs for a lovely orange base!

For classic yellow eggs, add three teaspoons of turmeric into a half saucepan of water. Allow to cool and now create your pretty yellow eggs. ​Tip: Yellow is a colour that’s easily altered by stronger pigments! When you decorate, make sure you’re aware that your blue dye decorations will show up green! 

raspberries in a bowl

For a pretty pink dye, you can use raspberries. Bring two cups of raspberries to boil in a half pan of water and allow to cool. Use this water to dip your eggs in a make pretty pink designs. 

Top tip: The less water you use in your saucepan, the stronger the pigment of the dye will be! 

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