What is Earth Day and how to celebrate it in 2021

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What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is considered the most widely celebrated secular observance on the planet.  Commonly known as a day to celebrate the Earth, it began with a bigger purpose.  Earth Day began in 1970 in America, as a day to organise ‘teach-ins’ within colleges.  First held on 22nd April 1970 (and held every 22nd of April since), between Spring Break and Final Exams, to ensure a large student turnout.  

The event began to educate participants about how the earth was being put at risk through pollution, deforestation, and other human activities.  The event was able to unify the American people and government on both sides which led to the creation of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).  

Throughout the decades, Earth Day became a global movement, unifying environmental leaders, politicians, and everyday people to learn and educate themselves about the climate crisis we’re facing. 

How can you celebrate Earth Day in 2021?

Many Earth Day events throughout history have been through public demonstrations, protests, get-togethers large and small, and also acts of environmental kindness.  However you decide to commemorate the day, no action is too small.

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Plant a tree

Planting a native tree is a great way to improve your local habitat and give wildlife a place to thrive.  A native plant is a plant that grows naturally in your environment, for example, some trees native to the U.K. are the English oak, the common lime tree, and English Elm

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Plant native wildflowers

97% of UK meadows have been lost since the 1930s, they’re an essential habitat to many of our pollinators. Wildflowers are a great way to add beauty to any space but also give pollinators a place to thrive.  Some native wildflower plants you can try are primrose, wood anemone, cornflower, and poppy.

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Enjoy your local park

By visiting a local park, you can spark a new or existing passion for the wild space in your area, giving you the motivation to learn and protect the habitat and wildlife that may be otherwise, somewhat overlooked.

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Learn something new

In the spirit of the first Earth Day and one that continues on, is education.  By learning about how we can take actionable steps to fight climate change, we can help to reverse it, no action is too small.

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Join an Earth Day live event

While many of us are prohibited from being in groups, there are still great virtual events going on throughout the week of Earth Day.  To learn more about the variety of events you can join, please visit earthday.org

We hope you’ve learned a bit more about Earth Day and have inspired you to celebrate and learn more about how you can fight the climate crisis!

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