Why Bees Are Important For The Environment

Recently, bees seem to be the thing. There have been a plethora of thought pieces and articles coming out detailing our huge need for certain types of animals and insects – not only do we need to start thinking about our own impact on the environment, but the process the environment uses to help itself.
And where most like to begin: bees.

Although a lot of people are afraid of bees, they’re actually quite cute - and they are also integral to our ecosystem.

pollenating bee flower purple


Did you know that bees play key roles in the cycle of our natural food resources? In order for plants to flourish, they need to germinate, and this requires a transfer of pollen from the male to the female part of the plant.

As bees search for nectar, they move from flower to flower, leaving behind small amounts of pollen, allowing plants to germinate effectively.

The term ‘busy bees’ was coined for a reason. Bees are responsible for approximately one-third of the plant-based foods that we eat!

jar of honey


And then, of course, we have what bees are most famous for – their honey. Honey is almost a staple of our diet, we use it on toast, in porridge and yoghurt. But we’re not the only ones who appreciate the taste of honey, it’s also a favourite of birds, raccoons and other insects. A lot of different species of animal will raid a beehive for honey.

Beeswax, royal jelly and propolis are all things that are also coveted from the contents of a beehive. This demand for bee products has kept bees safe, as their natural habitats are often threatened.

honey bee in a honey comb


Bees help create homes and habitats for other types of wildlife. Without their pollination, the woodlands and forests, in which other species of animals live, wouldn’t grow. If bees vanished one day, these habitats would vanish and we would see a decrease in the populations of other species of animals.

The message to take away is that we all need to support our local hive. Buy locally-sourced bee products from a beekeeper that’s close to home and find out how you can support your local bee’s habitat. We’d be worse off without our little fuzzy friends!

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